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Superheroes Vision

Superheroes are awesome. Children and adults alike adore Superheroes and their stories–just look at the packed movie theatres every time a Marvel movie airs for proof.

At Lianhua, we believe that in each and every child, there is a superhero waiting to be uncovered. Every child has their own unique strengths and to help each child discover their hidden strengths and fulfill their potential, the CCE department has developed the ‘I’m A Superhero’ programme.

This programme gives all pupils of Lianhua the opportunity to be heroes in their everyday lives, enabling them to understand and believe that they too, can be Superheroes in their own way. We want all Lianhuareans to develop his/her inherent Superhero powers, harness their potential and find value and meaning in school.


4 Superheroes, Sensible Su Mei, Joyful Jaya, Inquisitive Ismail and Confident Colin, are the programme ambassadors. Each of them embodies different characteristics and through them, we will guide the pupils in appreciating their unique traits, focusing on what makes each person unique and valuable.

Through this programme, students embark on a 6-year journey of discovery of their own strengths and interests, which they develop to become engaged learners and empowered leaders of our school.
It is our hope that after these 6 years with Lianhua, each pupil will bring with them the values that they have learnt to their secondary schools and beyond. May each of them impact the people around them positively and become the superheroes of our nation.

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