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Our Vision & Mission
Vision: Every student is able to create, perform, listen and respond to music.
Mission (3Es): To educate students in listening and understanding of musical elements and concepts.
To enable students to create original music pieces.
To empower students to perform music from the local and global cultures confidently.

Approach (ECA): Experience, Concept, Application

Key Feature

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Key Signature Programme

Young Aspiring Song Composers

The ‘Young Aspiring Song Composers’ is one of the signature programmes in Lianhua Primary School. This programme strongly supports our school’s singing and song composition culture. The students brainstorm for ideas, create the lyrics and come up with melodies to compose their songs. This process taps on their creativity, develops their confidence and stretches their potential.

The self-composed songs are infused into our music curriculum. They are used as media that relay key messages, as well as to inculcate values such as ‘diligence’, ‘resilience’, ‘compassion’, ‘unity’ and ‘self-discipline.’ These songs have become part and parcel of Lianhua’s school life. For example, students learn to sing the cleaning songs to cultivate classroom and canteen cleaning habits; they sing the friendship songs to strengthen their relationships with their peers. All these subtly influence our students in their social and emotional learning as well as character development.

Singing the self-composed songs creates a sense of pride in students as the songs are unique to the school itself. The self-composed songs have been used as theme songs for National Education events like Racial Harmony Day and International Friendship Day. They have also been used during the celebration of Children’s Day, Sports Day, Prize-giving Day and P6 Graduation Ceremony in our school.

Songs raise people's spirits and bring forth hope and joy to everyone. At Lianhua Primary School, as long as we cherish music and song, we will continue to ond and grow together as a family.

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Major Programmes

P1 & P2 Shining Artz Celebration

The P1 & P2 Shining Artz Celebration aims to showcase our students’ talents in Performing Arts. In the celebration, the students from each class will showcase what they have learnt during the music lessons, such as singing community songs and playing musical instruments. Selected students will serve as emcees to introduce the musical performances to the audience.

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‘SHOWTIME!’ is one of our school’s platforms for our budding musicians to showcase their musical talents during recess. Students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and perform in front of their peers. Our students will audition to display their talents in dancing, singing and the playing of instruments. Through performing, it helps to develop the students to their fullest by igniting passion and inspiring excellence to perform even better at other platforms. Due to the current COVID safe management measures, singing performances are suspended. Instead, our students showcase their talents through non-vocal performances. As the saying goes, music heals our soul. Through the performers' short music pieces, they bring simple joy and cheer to their audiences, giving them a sense of normalcy in this pandemic.

Showtime@ Imaginarium - Piano performance.jpg Showtime@ Imaginarium -Keyboard Performance.jpg

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LHPS Song List

Access to all the sing-along songs in our school, featuring our own distinct and unique self-composed songs catered to events like Sports Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, Children’s Day, and Graduation Day and so on. The music videos will enrich the students’ audio and visual experience. The students will learn to sing the songs at their own pace.

Please scan or go to the following link to have access to the list of songs.

LHPS Song List.png

Times table Songs

We have also created a Lianhua personalised music video playlist with Times Table multiplication songs uniquely composed and sung by our own students. They come with catchy tunes that are easy for children to remember. Hope your children have an enjoyable time learning multiplication with these songs.

Times Table Songs.png

Our Team

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