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Visual Art

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Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Inspiring Minds, Moving HeArts
Mission: Cultivate passion and working towards excellence in Visual Art.
    • See, express and appreciate artworks to make meaning through connecting with society and culture.
    • Cultivate creativity and critical-thinking in artmaking.
    • Develop self-confidence, resilience and excellence to fulfil to the best of one’s ability in artmaking.

Key Feature

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We incorporate the 4Es in our school’s art framework to provide authentic learning experiences for students aligned with the school values through the art curriculum, interdepartmental collaborations and external collaborations. The 4Es are Exposure, Experience, Enjoy and Excel. In the 6 years at Lianhua Primary School, our students will learn about 32 artists’ artworks and explore artmaking in different art forms and media through the inquiry-based learning approach and CCE infused lessons. As they learn to see, express and appreciate the artworks, students will learn to generate responses, conceptualise ideas, investigate and express. In the process, students would acquire 21CC skills, SEL values and critical thinking skills. To enrich our students’ learning experience, students are given the opportunity to create art pieces to contribute back to the community through art collaborations with external partners. Platforms are provided for students to excel and showcase their artwork at external platforms i.e SYF Art Lab, SYF Art Exhibitions and other art competitions.

Key Signature Programme

Visual Art Jam!

Visual Art Jam! is a platform for all students to explore different art forms within and beyond the Art curriculum to extend their knowledge and skills in art-making. To complement other school experiences, the activities are planned based on themes and events taking place in school. For one of the Visual Art Jam activities, in conjunction with our 75th anniversary celebrations, we have organised a special Visual Art Jam! Edition called the Garden of Hope to align with the anniversary theme - Making a Difference. For this, we invited our students, staff and parent volunteers to aesthetically express how they could make a difference to society and beyond. Through this hands-on activity, everyone had the opportunity to relate and connect with the world around them and share how they could make a difference through Art.

Through this platform, we hope to provide students with an alternative mode of self-expression of what they have learnt. To encourage and motivate students, our students’ masterpieces are displayed @ Art Star Interactive Corner. By displaying our students’ work, we want to recognise all students for their efforts, regardless of ability or talent.

Visual Art Jam- International Friendship Day Student at work.jpg Visual Art Jam- Garden of Hope display.jpg
Visual Art Jam- Children Day Dedication.jpg Visual Art Jam- National Day 2021 Design a Stamp  Display.jpg

Major Programmes

Museum-Based Learning Programme

In the Museum-based learning module, the P4 and P5 students learn about local contexts and contemporary issues through local art exhibits in the National Gallery Singapore as part of their core learning experience. In the process, students develop visual observation, appreciation and pride in local art, culture & heritage. Students will have a pre-museum visit lesson to learn about museum etiquettes and the artworks. At the National Gallery, students will do individual and pair-work museum-visit activities using the inquiry-based learning approach. For the post-visit, the art teacher will lead the students to create an artwork in response to their learning experience and the art style of the artist's artworks viewed. In view of the current COVID situation, changes have been made to engage our P4 and P5 students to embark on a virtual National Gallery visit in a safe learning environment within the school.

Museum based learning at National Gallery Singapore Social Table.jpg MBL 2021- Virtual National Gallery Visit.jpg

Digital Media Programme

Our P1 and P2 students undergo iPad photography lessons as part of their digital media module. In this learning experience, students explore different parts of the school environment to capture images using iPads. They then apply basic photo composition techniques and patterns. Students acquire SEL skills as they work together with peers to learn to take and review their photos. At the end of the module, students’ work would be exhibited in school.

Digital Media - P1 Student at Science Garden.jpg Student_s ipad photography work @Science Garden.JPG Digital Media- P1 student at Edible Garden (2).jpg

P1 & P2 Shining Artz Celebration

The P1 & P2 Shining Artz Celebration aims to showcase our students’ talents in Visual Art curriculum featuring artworks ranging from two-dimensional artworks- drawings to three-dimensional artworks – food plastiscines, and ICT works – iPad photography works from the Digital Media module. Selected student art leaders would serve as art emcees or art guides to introduce artworks and interview visitors. This is to provide students with similar roles and experience akin to the SYF Art Exhibition.

2019 Shining Artz Celebrations- Art Guide sharing on photos.JPG 2019 Shining Artz Celebration- Art Guides with P1 self-portraits.jpg 2019 Shining Artz- Food plasticines exhibits.JPG

Outreach Art Programmes

Our school seeks to provide authentic and meaningful learning experiences to incorporate school values and the 21CC skills in our students through collaborations with external partners aligned with the school vision – Hearts of Service. In these collaborations, our students, teachers and School Leaders came forth to express their creativity and contribute art pieces which were displayed in external physical exhibition areas or virtual exhibitions to reach out to different audiences. In 2020, we collaborated with Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and National University Polyclinics to create 224 notes of appreciation for the frontline healthcare workers. In 2017-2019, we collaborated with Bukit Gombak Constituency to commemorate National Day- Plank Art Painting followed by P3 VIA Nagomi Art Project in 2021.

2019 Plank Art Painting- Display opposite Bt Gombak MRT station.jpg 2019 Plank Art Painting- Group Photo Planks and LHPS Family.jpg

Ms Kiew with her Nagomi artpieces.jpeg Virtual Nagomi Art Workshop.jpg

Notes of Appreciation for our NTFGH Frontline Healthcare workers.jpg Nagomi Art - Mrs Loke guiding her son.jpeg

Useful links

National Gallery Singapore - https://www.nationalgallery.sg/

Our Visual Art Team

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