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Our English Department Vision

We strive to nurture the love for learning English language to enable our students to be an effective and competent reader, writer and speaker of the language.

Key Features


Stellar Pedagogic Framework (P3b to P6).png

STELLAR Programme

  • The STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) Programme was developed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 2006 to cater to the diverse range of English language learners in Singapore. This programme has been implemented in our English Language curriculum from Primary One to Primary Six.
  • The vision of STELLAR is to develop in children a love for reading and a strong foundation in the English Language and it aims to strengthen children’s learning of the English Language by using engaging and age-appropriate strategies and instructional materials.

Major Programmes

Reading @ Lianhua

In Lianhua, we believe in cultivating the love of reading in our students so that they can experience an amazing and exciting life in the world of books. Our reading programme strives to bring these experiences to our students. Dare 2 Read Challenge booklet is our main reading programme where our students have to read books and complete the activities in the booklet. At the end of each term, the classes are awarded certificates to show the reading level they have achieved. The classes are doing extremely well achieving more than just the Novice Level in the Reading Challenge.

For our Monday Recess Programme, we had interesting activities held in the library such as ‘Storytelling Videos’ which portrayed the school values of the month, ‘Guess the Genre’ where students read abstracts from books and guessed the genre and ‘Tongue Twisters’ which challenged the students in reciting the famous rhymes and poems. We also showcased our students’ talents in storytelling and book sharing at the Imaginarium. It has been very well received by our students and they enjoy supporting their school mates during recess.

Keeping our students’ interest in mind, our school will continue to orchestrate more wonderful reading programmes in the coming years. So, look forward to more fun activities!

Oracy @ Lianhua

News in Brief is a platform that showcases our budding newscasters. The programme delivers the latest news and events happening around the world to students. Listening to the New in Brief enables students to get the latest scoop of what is happening around the world from a distance. The news keeps them updated and provides important educational value. Our student newscasters also honed their skills in public speaking.

Video on Oracy @ LIanhua:


Primary 4 students are trained in storytelling skills to enhance their public speaking skills in order to captivate the audience. Students are given opportunities to tell their stories at the Imaginarium during recess.

storytelling@ Imaginarium 1.jpeg
Students listening intently to the storyteller at the Imaginarium

Storytelling 1.JPG
P1 students presented their version of stories during our Storytelling Festival

storytelling 2.JPG
Our P5 students presenting choral reading during the Storytelling Festival

Storytelling Festival

Debate lessons are carried out to enhance students’ critical thinking skills. Students discuss and research current issues presented in the Little Red Dot. Mini debate sessions were carried out in class where students indulge in a structured argument. Two sides speak alternately for and against a particular contention based on a topic presented in the Little Red Dot.

debate.jpegA mini debate session from students of 5 Compassion

Learning Support Programme (LSP)

The LSP is a specialised early intervention programme aimed at providing learning support to students who enter Primary 1 with weak literacy skills. Students are identified for LSP through a systematic screening process carried out at the beginning of Primary 1. The objective of the LSP is to equip students with basic literacy skills so that they could access learning in the regular classroom.

The LSP is implemented by qualified teachers appointed by our school to be Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs). LSCs are given additional training by MOE HQ that equips them with specialised knowledge and skills to implement the programme. Students are supported daily for half an hour a day in groups of 8 to 10 students. Support continues in Primary 2 for students who need it.

School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR)

The SDR programme is a two-year intervention for Primary Three and Four students who are identified through a systematic screening process for dyslexia conducted at the end of Primary Two. The programme is conducted in small groups by trained school personnel using a remediation curriculum designed by MOE. The curriculum has been designed taking into consideration the students’ learning profile and the contents of the mainstream English language curriculum. The school personnel conducting the programme also worked with the subject teachers and parents to closely monitor the students’ attendance and learning progress.

Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)

The Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) aims to provide support for P3 and P4 students with reading difficulties. Specially trained EL teachers conduct targeted and focussed lessons to equip students with decoding and reading comprehension skills.

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Our Team

  1. Mdm Juliswati Samad
  2. Mdm Shanthini Radha Krishnan
  3. Mr Matthew Chong
  4. Mdm Norhani Sahar
  5. Mr Hassan Mohideen
  6. Mrs Goh-Ma Su Lin
  7. Mdm Norlailawati Osman
  8. Mdm Siti Nuraini Mustaqiim Yusof
  9. Mrs Samantha Liew
  10. Mr Ramadhan Omar
  11. Ms Hussum Fatimah Syed Mohd
  12. Ms Irnny Irianny Chuma’ing
  13. Mdm Masrini Samsi
  14. Mdm Jalifah Ismail
  15. Ms Kong Kam Foong
  16. Ms Rachel Koh