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Information & Communications Technology

ICT Department Vision:  Every child a self-directed and engaged digital learner by harnessing ICT.

Our Dedication:

With the designed ICT programmes and appropriate extensive use of e-platforms, our pupils will:

a) Have intrinsic motivation to learn

b) Take ownership of their learning

c) Able to collaborate with others

Our school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) is Robotics, Information and Technology in Education@Lianhua (RITE@Lianhua). More information on our ALP can be found here .


Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS)
Learning experiences have transformed over the years. Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) is an online learning portal specially designed to enable pupils to deepen their learning and better engage themselves in different learning modes such as self-directed learning and collaborative learning.
Our teachers use a range of tools to customize and create purposeful and meaningful learning experiences that facilitate our pupils’ learning, catering to their needs. It also provides an equal access to learning resources to all pupils, extending their learning beyond the concrete building.
Link to SLS: https://vle.learning.moe.edu.sg/login


Student iCON + Google Classroom
MOE rolled out Student iCON, which enables the use of Google Classroom, in 2021 for primary school students and since then, our pupils have learnt both hard and soft skills with the use of Student iCON and Google Classroom. Both are extremely useful in preparing our pupils for the future as they learn how to collaborate with others through platforms like Google Doc, Google Slides and Google Jamboard. Google Classroom also integrates seamlessly with other education applications, such as Flipgrid and Nearpod, which take our pupils’ learning to a higher level.
Link to Student iCON: https://workspace.google.com/dashboard

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Apps for Student Personal Devices
Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus apps are now available for students’ use on their personal devices. Students may now use their MIMS (Student iCON) account to activate the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on their personal devices.
For the installation guide, FAQs and the support team contact email address, you may refer to the link below: 


Other platforms (eg Nearpod, Flipgrid, Edmodo etc)
In addition to the portals by MOE, our school uses appropriate online platforms to cater to the needs of our pupils. With the use of Nearpod, the interactions between the teacher and pupils are enhanced and timely quality feedback can be given. Our school uses Flipgrid extensively to build their confidence in speaking, presenting and showmanship. This portal prepares our pupils for the future digital world.