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Department Vision

Confident Maths Learners
Competent Maths Teachers
Effective Problem Solvers

In line with our school vision, mission and values, we wish to develop in our students the mathematical knowledge and skills that are required in many disciplines and for everyday use as well as to build confidence and foster interest in Mathematics.

With the belief that every child can learn Mathematics, and through the dedicated support and guidance from our competent Math teachers, every Lianhuarean will become an effective problem solver.

Key Feature


Learn by Doing

Students actively participate in learning experiences through practical activities and the use of manipulatives

Learn by Inquiring

Students make connections and build mathematical knowledge and understanding through exploration and questioning.

Learn by Interacting

Students learn from one another by communicating ideas and justifying their thinking to gain deeper understanding.

Learn by Reflecting

Students take charge of their own learning and work towards the goals they set by monitoring their own progress, improving work processes and evaluating learning outcomes.

Major Programmes


Hi 5 image1.png

Our Hi-Five! process is an approach adapted from George Polya’s 4 steps to problem solving. It serves to guide our students in their mental processing of word problems in a more systematic manner. The strong emphasis on reasoning and analysis in the Hi-Five! process allows the students to develop capacities and skills for learning and their metacognitive ability and to build their confidence in problem- solving.

Students also learn various heuristics to help them solve mathematical problems. Heuristics are methods and strategies that point towards possible ways in which students might be able to find a solution. With the acquisition of mathematical skills and processes, coupled with the content knowledge, students will become better problem solvers.

Fun with Mathematics

Fun with Mathematics is a programme for selected P4 to P6 students with the aptitude for Mathematics. The programme aims to develop students' mathematical reasoning skills and deepens their conceptual understanding through an inquiry approach.

Students work independently or collaborate with their peers and engage in mathematical thinking through puzzles, games and mathematical explorations specially designed for this programme. The rich learning experiences offered by the programme serve to help students to:

  • Develop the habits, attitudes and dispositions mathematicians possess.
  • Gain important 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, invention thinking and effective communication skills.



I am a Maths Multiplication Master

- LHPS Times Table Package

m3 pouch.png
This resource package offers a variety of activities to support the learning and assessment of multiplication and division facts. These resources which include games and songs are accessible to the students anytime, anywhere. The package also has a home segment for parental involvement to support their children in the mastery of the facts.

Hungry Fish

MathsGames20_51.JPG Fishing game

MathsGames20_32.JPG Jigsaw puzzle

Mathematical Olympiad Training Programme for selected P4 to P6 students

A series of mathematical Olympiad training workshops run by external agencies are mounted for selected high-ability learners of Mathematics.

The objectives of the training programme are as follows:

(a) Develop students’ interest, creativity, analytical thinking skills, and spirit of learning through discovery and challenge in Mathematics;
(b) Enhance a student’s mathematical knowledge and sharpen his / her creative problem-solving skills through various non-routine and problem solving heuristics relevant to Mathematical competitions.

Useful Links

Primary Mathematics Syllabus
For students who entered Primary 1 from 2021

For students who entered Primary 1 before 2021

List of approved scientific calculators for P5 and P6 students

The Team

Miss Yong Hua Moy (Head of Department)
Mrs Alexis Pua (Level Head)
Miss Toh Bee Hong (Senior Teacher/Maths)
Miss Edelyn Lee (Maths Coordinator)
Mrs Emily Chia
Miss Josephine Choo
Mdm Ho Sheu Yun
Mdm Ruth Lai
Mdm Lee Peir Chuang
Mdm Noor Dayana
Mdm Pek Peet Juan
Mdm Rabiatuladawiyah
Mrs Marina Wee
Mr Dennis Wong