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Social Studies

Social Studies in Lianhua Primary School

The 2020 Social Studies curriculum seeks to inculcate in students a deeper understanding of the values that define the Singapore society, nurture dispositions that will inspire them to show concern for the society and the world in which they live, and demonstrate empathy in their relationships with others.

In Lianhua, the Social Studies curriculum envisions students to have joy in learning Social Studies, through inquiry and meaningful authentic learning experiences. Through these experiences, we envision that students will develop into informed, concerned and participative citizens with the passion to contribute responsibly to the society and world they live in.

Learning Journeys

The Learning Journeys initiative, which is an annual programme in Lianhua Primary School aims to support and complement the Social Studies curriculum. The school has collaborated with participating organisations to make learning more authentic and experiential. Much thought was put in to ensure that the venues of the learning journeys tie in well with the syllabus that they are learning.

P1: Jurong Bird Park (collaboration with Science Department)

P2: Singapore Philatelic Museum

P3: Singapore Discovery Centre

P4: Singapore National Museum

P5: P5 National Education Show

P6: SungeI Buloh Wetland Reserve (collaboration with Science Department)

P2 On Site Learning Journey

As part of our yearly Social Studies Learning Journey Initiative, the Primary 2 students had an opportunity to be involved in an on-site learning journey programme by Singapore Philatelic Museum. This on-site programme provides students an opportunity to discover more about stamps and learn how stamps are miniature pieces of art that document the country's historical milestones, national achievements, inspirations and more. Despite the constraints of not being able to be at the museum, the students were able to have a first-hand experience using magnifying glass to observe and make meaning of what they see in the stamps. They also has a chance to design their own stamp and get to experience writing their own postcard to send home. It was truly an eye opening experience for them.

Heritage Explorer Programme Booklet

The school collaborated with the National Heritage Board in 2016 to introduce the Heritage Explorer Programme Booklet to raise students’ awareness and interest in local and community heritage, with the greater goal of enabling them to become informed, active and concerned citizens. Each student will be receiving a Heritage Explorer Booklet which requires them to complete a variety of heritage-related activities, exploring topics that can range from personal family histories to community and national history.

In 2018, we have decided to administer this programme to the Primary 2 to Primary 4 students instead as it is more relevant to what they are learning in the syllabus. Each level is assigned a profession (Curator, Designer and Educator) where they are required to complete at least 3 out of the 5 tasks given. Upon completion of the tasks, students will be awarded with a Heritage Explorers Badge. This programme allows our students to be more self-directed, which encourages proactive learning and helps to cultivate a sense of commitment and passion for the heritage.

Due to our commitment to the programme, the school has been awarded the School Heritage Champion Awards (Primary School) in 2019.

Performance Tasks

As part of the Primary School Social Studies Syllabus, performance tasks are used as part of the grading system for the assessment of SSP at the end of Semester 1 and 2 for all levels. Performance tasks are effective ways to check for students’ understanding of the concepts taught. These tasks introduced are relevant and meaningful to the students. Students would develop a tangible product or performance for an identified audience and in doing so, they would communicate key understanding(s) or message(s) pertaining to the topic of study. Examples of the performance tasks that are required for the students to produce are as follows:

Level Semester 1 Semester 2
P1 Design a logo to represent themselves. Design their future neighbourhood.
P2 Design a group stamp. Create a diorama on their favourite sporting activity.
P3 Design a poster on 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Design a 2D/3D model on the future housing of Singapore.
P4 Create an informational poster on one of the early settlers they have learnt. Design a commemorative $50 SG note
P5 Create a Thank You Card for Mr Ong Teng Cheong. Design a board game related to Southeast Asia.
P6 Create a PowerPoint Slide on Singapore Botanical Gardens. Design an information report which features a festival that is celebrated in some Southeast Asian countries but not in Singapore.