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National Education Events

Total Defence Day 2021

Singapore commemorates Total Defence Day (TDD) on 15 February each year; the day Singapore fell to the Japanese in World War II, to remind us of what Singapore could be like if we are not able to defend ourselves. Total Defence has also guided us through many difficult times, most recently, through our nation’s fight against COVID-19.

This year’s theme, ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’ , focused on the many ways we can put Total Defence into action in our everyday lives. As part of our commemoration, our students were treated to a series of short video clips. Through the engaging videos, students learnt that we all have a part to play in Singapore’s defence. Through these different learning experiences, we hope to encourage our students to play a greater role in Total Defence in educating them how they can contribute in small and big ways.

International Friendship Day 2021

Our school commemorated International Friendship Day (IFD) on Tuesday, 6th April, and the theme is ‘Singapore in the World’ . More than ever, Covid-19 has brought both challenges and opportunities for Singapore, and reminded us on the importance of international collaboration and cooperation. The changing global landscapes and the complexities of the world highlight the importance of maintaining good relationships and the needs for our youths to recognise the importance of connectedness within and beyond ASEAN.

Through learning more about the rich diversity of cultures, our students can develop the spirit of friendship and collaboration, and chart the way forward for Singapore to connect with different countries in the global community.

Racial Harmony Day 2021

The school commemorated Racial Harmony Day (RHD) on Tuesday, 13th July, and the theme of this year is ‘Common spaces, connected communities’ . The theme takes on special significance as we see racial harmony incidents and issues arising and being discussed in the public space. It is important to help our students apply the theme in their lives, to explore what it means to strengthen connection amongst communities, and to take action to preserve racial harmony in Singapore. We hope to guide our students to reflect on their shared experiences and values that have connected us as Singaporeans.

The school had planned a number of activities to commemorate RHD and we hope that through these activities, our students had learnt to be friends with their neighbours, build relationships with people of different races and celebrate our diversity as our strength.

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National Day Celebrations 2021

The school celebrated National Day (ND) on Friday, 6th August. The theme of our celebration is ‘Together, Our Singapore Spirit’ . It evokes our common Singapore identity and Singaporeans coming together as one united people. It calls on Singaporeans to draw new strength from our ‘can-do’ spirit, amidst challenging circumstances from Covid-19 and potential disruptions in the new decade.

We hope our students to reinvigorate the Singapore Spirit- encouraging Singaporeans to embrace a ‘dare-to-try’ attitude and reinvent to overturn our natural and geographical constraints.