Performance - Singing Festival 2019
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Songs from Singing Festival 2019
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Photo Montage - Singing Festival 2019
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Light in My World
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P4 Social Studies Learning Journey
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P2 Social Studies Learning Journey
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Goldilocks (Practice Session)
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Total Defence Day 2019
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Hosting of STAR's OEIR
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Musical Treasure Hunt
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Caring Teacher Award
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Values & Motto

School Values

Loyalty           *    Honesty

Compassion   *    Diligence

Excellence      *    Unity

Resilience       *    Self-Discipline

What Our School Values Mean

Loyalty Honesty Compassion Diligence
I contribute actively to the community.
I am truthful to self and to others.
I show care and concern for others.
I complete the tasks assigned to me on time.
I recite the pledge, sing the National anthem and school song with pride.
I accept responsibility for my own actions.
I encourage the people around me. I ask questions when I am in doubt.
 I uphold my school's name with my behaviour. I am sincere in my dealings with others.  I think of other's feelings before I act or speak. I set realistic goals and work towards them.

Excellence Unity Resilience Self-Discipline
I strive to be a better person day by day.
I accept different opinions.
I am not afraid to fail and learn from my mistakes.
I do the right thing at the right time.
I perform my duties to the best of my ability.
I cooperate well with others to complete tasks given.
I strive to overcome any challenges. I can make responsible decisions.
I accept feedback readily, reflect and react positively. I actively contribute to the goals of my team. I stay strong and endure through difficult times. I will be a role model to my classmates and schoolmates.
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