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YES! to Nature

YES! to Nature

I am grateful to have the opportunity to become a Nature Guide. I had wanted to become a Nature Guide since Primary 4 and I was lucky to be chosen as one. Last year, when I was in Primary 4, my classmates and I planted plants in the canteen as part of the Indoor Hydroponics programme. Even though the plants did not grow as well as we had wanted, we tried the process over and over again. This year, I helped out at the school’s Edible Garden.

Dishita, 5 Compassion, Nature Guide at Edible Garden, 2019
Being a Nature Guide for two years has really inspired me to do more for the school community, from watering plants to taking care of animals, I enjoyed them all. As a Nature Guide, I had the opportunity to share new knowledge with the younger students in school.
Recently, there had been many reports about Global Warming and the effects it brings about to us. Every little action makes a difference. If we can spread this message and our knowledge to everyone, we can make the Earth a better place to live in.

Dayan, 3 Resilience, Nature Guide at Frog Enclosure, 2019
As a Nature Guide for the Frog Enclosure this year, I learned how frogs reproduce and also how to work with my friends and students from other levels. I also learned not to give up. At first, I was scared to approach my friends and ask them to visit the learning attraction I was helping out but after a few weeks, I felt more comfortable. I also learned how to use the iPad to answer the questions and teach other students how to do so.

Jaztyn, 3 Resilience, Nature Guide at Frog Enclosure, 2019
Being a Nature Guide was not as easy as I had thought. My first day as Nature Guide was really confusing! That day, Mrs Nonis said to look for the frogs and toads in the enclosure. It took me a good 5 minutes to find all of them.
I remember that our first participant at the learning attraction was Shankari. She always came to the learning attraction thereafter whenever the learning attraction was open! I was so happy that at least one of my friends came to the learning attraction.
Being a Nature Guide has taught me to be more confident and speak up more.

Luvyna, 6 Unity, Nature Guide at Oasis of Gratitude, 2019
I enjoyed being a Nature Guide this year! Not only did I help teach others about the different flora in the Oasis of Gratitude, I also learned some new information myself! When I taught others about the plants, I also had time to make friends and interact with them. I really had a very enjoyable experience. Thank you, teachers, for organising this programme!

Janani, 5 Unity, Nature Guide at Oasis of Gratitude, 2019
Hi, I am Janani, a Nature Guide for the Oasis of Gratitude. I love and enjoy my job as a Nature Guide. I learned how to use the iPad to organize some fun quizzes for my fellow schoolmates. I also learned more about the different species of plants in the Oasis of Gratitude. I like the part when Mrs Brenda Sin, our teacher-in-charge for the learning attraction, told us more about the terrapins and we even got a chance to feed the terrapins. We used a sea apple and crushed it into many pieces to feed the terrapins. Since I enjoyed this enriching experience, I would love to be a Nature Guide again.

Eda, 5 Unity, Participant at Edible Garden, 2019
I felt that the YES! programmes were informative and the activities in the iPads tested us to see how much we knew about the learning attractions. This made us eager to learn more and know more. We had the opportunity to compete with one another and each of us had a score at the end. I also think that the activities made students interested in Mother Nature too! In future, I would do the activities at the different learning attractions. I hope that these activities would continue! YES! programmes are fun!

Medha, 5 Unity, Participant at Edible Garden, 2019
Through my experience as a Nature Guide, I feel I had improved my observation skills. It took me quite a while to figure out the names of each plant. By the time I keyed in the answers to the questions in the quizzes, time was almost up. Anyway, I had a whale of a time. The questions on the classification of leaves and the identification of different plant parts refreshed my memory on some Primary 3 topics. I felt a little guilty for forgetting the concepts though. I usually score 7 or 8 out of 10 in the quizzes and I would always retake the quiz until I score 10 out of 10. I laugh at myself every time I think about this. Next year, I am willing to volunteer as a Nature Guide and serve others in the school better.

Chong Yu Han Denise – Primary 3 2018
I became a Nature Guide for the YES! Programme because I love nature and enjoy being in the garden. I want to share my love with my friends. I feel good being a Nature Guide and enjoy being a leader during the activity. I am proud that I am able to help many schoolmates learn more about our garden and the frogs in the frog enclosure. As I spend more time in the garden, it reminds me of my hometown which is surrounded by nature. I hope more of my friends will volunteer to be a Nature Guide like me. The most difficult part is to encourage some of my friends to spend their recess time learning, rather than playing, but I persevered.

Ng Yu Shuang – Primary 6 2018
I wanted to help my school mates learn new things about their surroundings. At the same time, as a Nature Guide, I can also enrich my own knowledge when I learn more about the plants and animals around my school. I learnt how to be a “teacher” teaching my school mates during the YES! Programme. I love seeing their reactions when they discover new things. It makes me feel proud to see their “Oo…I get it” reactions. The part I enjoy most is the peace I observe in the garden. I know that many students do not want to become a Nature Guide as they have to give them recess play time on Thursdays when the programme is on, but they surely do not know what they are missing.

Ruby Min Xuan – Primary 6 2018
I like nature and I want to help my friends in the school to do different activities around the school. I want the others to know that Science is fun and can be learnt through outdoor activities. We get to explore and learn about the different attractions. I have personally benefitted the most from the Fish Breeding programme where I learnt how to take care of the fish we adopted in the class. That’s why I volunteered to be a Nature Guide. As part of the training to become a Nature Guide, I learnt to problem solve using different ways. I learnt to be flexible in my thinking and to always keep an open mind. I feel proud being a Nature Guide as I have helped my friends complete the learning tasks assigned at the different locations. It is rewarding to see them learn more Science knowledge.