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Do the RITE Thing

Su Myat Noe Win – Primary 4
Through RITE, I learnt about design thinking. I learnt that we can use robots to help solve our everyday problems. We just need to think out of the box and be creative. Think of crazy ideas too. At first, I was anxious that our plan for our project may not lead to success, but at the same time, I was happy to work with my team as we helped one another. One of the most fun part for me was assembling our robot. Fixing the Lego pieces brick by brick was challenging, but we worked well as a team and were excited to finish our robot. After getting some help from our instruction on the programming, we got our robot to work. Success!

Mohammad Shafiq bin Abdul Nasir – Primary 4 
I will definitely recommend RITE to my friends. It is fun, yet challenging for me. I had to try different ways to make our robot work. At first, I was afraid to put a wrong part or do the programming wrongly. It does not matter. We just try and try again. I am proud that we completed our project successfully in the end. I think we displayed our school value of resilience well. 

Lo Guan Wei Jasper – Primary 4
I enjoyed working with my team mates to figure out the different robot designs and learning new things together. I learnt that problem solving takes time and hard work. When we realized that it was impossible for us to complete our project in the remaining time, we stayed united as a team and came up with other simpler ideas so we could finish. I am glad we did not give up.