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Fortnight of Mother Tongue

Ryan Iskandar bin Shahreil – Primary 4 
Mother Tongue Fortnight takes place once a year so I always use the opportunity to take part actively. I enjoy learning more about the different Mother Tongue languages and their cultures. I find the Malay culture interesting, but the others too as they are new to me. Learning different cultures makes me happy. I took part in a competition to know my knowledge and I won second prize! The opening of the Mother Tongue Fortnight during assembly was very enjoyable as we got to watch videos made by our teachers and school mates. The videos were really funny. It is important for us to learn about different cultures so that they will not be lost. At home, I also got the chance to learn more from my mum. 

Natarajan Anitha Piraviniesvar – Primary 5
Mother Tongue Fortnight activities were interesting and I was very keen to participate in them. We also had CCM activities. I chose Malay as I have many Malay friends. I learnt many new words during the lessons and enjoyed playing the Malay traditional games. I feel great satisfaction and excitement throughout the two weeks as there were many different activities. I participated in “I’m a Tour Guide” activity and was given a gift voucher prize for my effort. I felt tremendously proud of my achievement. My classmates also portrayed their roles as tour guides very well and I enjoyed watching them during their presentations. Mother Tongue Fortnight is wonderful as it can help us to emerge as fluent and confident users of our Mother Tongues.