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I am a Young Journalist

Wang Xinyue – Primary 5
I have gained a lot from the Young Journalist programme. Firstly, I gained more confidence and experience speaking in public. My writing has also shown great improvement. At the same time, I know more about people and what is happening in Lianhua. This programme also trained our listening, communication and thinking skills. I find that I will be useful for us in the future as it will help us understand others better through looking at different perspectives. I strive for my best to complete every task of writing and editing the articles. I have made me a more resilient person. Working in a group let me understand that accepting different opinions is part of learning. I learnt the importance to write and report things truthfully and be patient when I do interview i.e. need to give interviewees time to think and respond.

Chong Xuan Yu – Primary 5
I am a girl with low confidence and tend to get nervous when I speak in public. Watching how the programme had benefitted my seniors, I knew that it can help me increase my self-confidence. Being a young journalist is not easy. We have to design interview questions, interview the people and write the article. The process from interviewing people to writing a news article is a challenging one. Through this, I learn not to give up easily and to be brave to approach others. Going to different places in Singapore to interview strangers was even more exciting! I feel proud and honoured to be a Young Journalist. I realized that the more I speak, the more confident I become. Writing has also enhanced my thinking and mapping skills. Now I don’t get nervous anymore.