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LHPS Plank Art

Title: “Connecting People through Plank Art @ Lianhua Primary” – A Joint Project with Bukit Gombak Community Arts and Culture Club

WOON VIN YU, P1 Excellence   
I had an enjoyable time painting the planks with my mother and the other participants in the team. In the painting process, I learned team work and compassion as I learned to be patient to listen and communicate with others. It was not easy to paint the planks but I did not give up, instead I did my best to complete the painting with the rest. I was proud of the planks we painted and I hope to volunteer again with my mother in future.


Volunteering for the Plank Art painting was a meaningful and enjoyable experience. Art is my passion. Besides having the opportunity to interact and bond with my friends and the teachers, I acquired creative ideas in painting and became more interested to learn more about art. I looked forward to volunteer and paint together with my friends. 


I was happy to be able to volunteer in this event to contribute back to the community. I gained more confidence in painting as I worked with my team members to paint the planks. I learned the importance of teamwork as we worked together in different areas to complete the plank painting. I was very proud that our planks will be displayed opposite Bukit Gombak MRT Station to commemorate Singapore Bicentennial.