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Stars of Hope

Samara Jay Moore – Primary 5 2018

Mr Sim invited my friends, Sophie, Amelia and I to participate in Stars of Hope. As we have sung the same song “La Vita e Bella” together during the school 70th Anniversary, we decided to do it. I learnt a few things from Stars of Hope. When singing, I should not sing from my throat, but from my diaphragm. When performing on stage, it is alright to feel a little nervous at first. Music composition is also fun. I can make up a catchy tune for my song, and then add some words or do it the way around. I feel lucky to be able to have so many great experiences and memories with my best friends. I feel proud that we performed amazingly. I am glad everyone got a chance to listen to our school’s self-composed songs.

Samson Samuel Aaron – Primary 6 2018

I found it fun and interesting to play music with my friends in front of an audience. And being one of the few pupils who can play the drums, I had the chance to showcase my talents. To perform well, I had to commit time for all the rehearsals and co-ordinate with my bandmates. It was nerve-wrecking to perform to a huge crowd of people, but we grew in confidence as we practised more. I liked the finale as all the performers gathered on stage and sang the finale song “Dream Higher”. Everyone was also delighted by our little Mother’s Day surprise song.  I am thankful that Lianhua has organized Stars of Hope as it is a great opportunity for pupils to showcase their talents in music.

Ilfat Zarifa Shahriar – Primary 6 2018

I enjoyed watching my classmates perform at the Stars of Hope. I sang along to all the wonderful songs. I was surprised to learn how talented my classmates were in singing and playing musical instruments. Our self-composed songs were amazing. I sang very loudly and with much energy. The whole experience was fun, super nice and awesome. My classmates were brave to perform in front of everyone. They have showed our school value of Excellence.