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Let there be Light! - Our Solar Buddies

Bella Liu Zhi Hui – Primary 4
I took part in the Solar Buddies project because I wanted to help others. I learnt that in some parts of the world, the children do not have light. They had to use kerosene lamps which can be dangerous. By making solar lamps, I am happy to help them get light. I also learn how to build a lamp and what the inside of a lamp looks like. I hope more students would take part in this project. Building the solar lamp was not easy, but I did not give up. I showed Resilience.

Yulia Daramalinggam – Primary 4
I wanted to help the less fortunate. I found out that some children in other parts of the world have no access to electricity. Building and sending the solar lamps to them, I can help them to see at night. I had a lot of fun with my friends learning how to construct the solar lamps. I am happy with myself as I showed compassion and empathy to others.