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Plank Art Passion 2017

Ankit Rathi – Primary 5
I wanted to experience working as a community to complete a task. It was also a great opportunity to get to know other friends, teachers and work together as a team. By working together as a team, we can put in a mix of all ideas and make our masterpiece even better. I also learn more techniques and patterns. I am glad to be part of this activity as it was a great opportunity to learn new things. As the leader of my team, I was proud that I was able to lead them well, and we completed many planks. I enjoyed Plank Art painting as painting is a great way to express our imagination and feelings.

Park Bo Eun – Primary 5
I wanted to work together with my friends, and also paint to give encouragement to others. When the planks are displayed around the Gombak area, everyone will be get to enjoy our lovely masterpieces. I love that we can design and draw the plank using our own ideas. I love painting because painting helps me to reduce my stress. My team showed great Diligence as we put in our best effort to complete our tasks.

Soo Hyun Lee – Primary 4
I joined that Plank Art Painting activity because I like to paint. I knew that when I finished one plank, I would feel very proud of my work. We did not work alone, but as a team to complete the plank painting. As the plank was very big, it was hard and tiring, but with team spirit, we completed it. Even though I enjoyed painting, the part I enjoyed the most was when our group discussed and came up with ideas on how we wanted to paint our plank. I showed Unity by working well with my group members; and I showed Resilience by not giving up easily.