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Smile...We are Festive Giving

Adriyan – Primary 6
The reason why I joined Festive Giving was I wanted to find out more about how the less fortunate lived in their small apartment. I wanted to show them that we care for them by sharing some goodies with them during the festive season. I felt happy when I see them receive the goody bags as they looked happy too. I am glad I got a chance to contribute to the community.

Angelina – Primary 6
I enjoy making people smile. I learnt that by doing simple acts, we can show that we care, and bring joy to the less fortunate. Packing the goody bags and delivering them door to door was tiring, but fun. I like to see their happy faces when we give them the goodies. I think I showed Resilience as I was very tired walking up and down and from block to block, but I did not give up. I continued on until all the bags were given away.

Sandra – Primary 6 
Festive Giving allowed me to do a kind act and do something that would help the community. I learnt that there are many people less fortunate than me, and I should be grateful for what I have. I feel happy that I have a chance to help others. The part I enjoyed most was delivering the food to the apartments, door by door; knocking on the doors and seeing the surprised and happy look on the residents’ faces. It was a tiring, but worthwhile experience. I will do it again.