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Step-It-Up Challenge 2.0

Nur Muhsinah bte Mohd Sulaiman – Primary 6
I feel that nowadays as there are more fast food outlets, the intake of fast food by my family is higher, and I would like to get fitter. The school was giving us the opportunity to stay fit through the Step-It-Up Challenge so I grabbed the chance and hoped for a fruitful result. I learnt that exercise and having a healthy lifestyle is very important if we want to live a longer and more active life. I honestly felt very tired sometimes during Step-It-Up, but I felt happy to be running with my friends. We were so proud when our class came in first place! We were thankful that our teachers ran with us too. What kept us going? 3 words – Just do it!

Mohamed Sameer – Primary 6
I love to run and Step-It-Up was all about running. It also teaches us to exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. It was really fun as we will receive badges and stamps to help keep track of the distance we have run. The greater distance we ran, the more motivated we were to run further. The inter-class competition also encouraged us to do our best. I think my class showed Resilience and Determination. I did not give up and at the end of the challenge, I am very proud to have run 42km! I hope we will have Step-It-Up again soon.