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Stories Alive

Amihan Reyes Davidson – Primary 3
I took part in the English Week activities because I like English. I got the chance to promote stories that I like to my friends. I am proud of my English Week performance where I went on stage and did “The Little Red Riding Hood”. I talked about the book and I was really excited as it was my first time doing something like this. During recess time, there was also different games for the students to enjoy, such as guessing the teachers’ favourite childhood books. I would recommend the activities to my friends as it was a fun way to learn English; and it also encouraged us to read more books. I showed Self-Discipline as I took time and effort to memorize my lines in my performance.

Emma Tan – Primary 3
It was fun being the emcee of the English Week performance. When my teacher asked me to be the emcee, I agreed eagerly. I wanted to experience what it was like to be talking on stage. I want to prove to myself that I have the confident to speak to the whole school. Before the performance started, I was nervous, but I was glad that I conquered my stage fright in the end. My favourite part was when Alice in Wonderland came along and the Queen of Hearts wanted to chop off her head! I love watching the book characters come alive. Throughout the English Week, I learnt a lot about fairy tale characters. The more I learnt, the more I fell in love with fairy tales.

Samuel Reyes Davidson – Primary 3
I was happy to get the chance to perform on stage as the emcee with my friend. I get to learn about different stories and their interesting characters. Mostly, I learnt to speak in front of as audience and be confident. I am proud of myself as I did not get nervous. My teacher praised me for doing a good job.

Pham Nguyen Minh Thu – Primary 5
I dressed up as Cinderella and went on stage to talk about the Cinderella story. Being my first time on stage, I practised with my teacher several times so that I would be more confident. As I went through the script, I learnt new words and felt my English getting better. I enjoyed participating in the English Week activities. During recess, I also encouraged my friends to take part in the activities to learn more about English through games. I encouraged my friends to vote for me as the best character for English Week. I showed Excellence as I tried my best to remember the script and to be confident on stage.