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Working with Robots

Samuel Samson – Primary 6
I joined Robotics CCA because I wanted to learn and try new things. Robotics was fascinating to me. I learnt to build and programme different types of robots, like NRC robots and VEX robots. I also feel excited every time we take part in a competition as I can pit my skills against other students from other schools. I am very proud to have achieved first place in VEX competition, junior division, with my team. Other than robotics, I have also learnt to work together with others in a team. I believe I have shown excellence by doing my best during the training and not giving up when the robots did not work.

Ruby Lo – Primary 6
I enjoyed building stuff with my brother when I was young. I wanted to put that passion into good use by joining Robotics. Robotics enables me to think of ideas outside the box. It gives me the time to think and to create. I learnt that there are different ways of solving problems. When one method doesn’t work, think again, and try another method. I felt good working with my team as we can learn from one another. I also enjoy guiding my friends when they need help. As the time to prepare for competition was short, we learnt time management skills so that we can complete ours tasks on time.  I was really proud when I was appointed Chairperson of Robotics Club when I was in Primary 5. I learnt Resilience through the tough challenges we had to go through, and I displayed Compassion as I strived to teach and encourage my juniors to do their best.