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X-Country Team Challenge

Chiew Yun Jie Jacqueline – Primary 6
I was selected by my PE teacher to represent my class for the inter-class competition. I decided to take on the challenge as it was the first year Lianhua organized a Cross Country Run and my last year in Lianhua. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to run and represent my class. Running the 1.6km cross country was not easy and required a lot of stamina. We had to run as a team so we learnt to pace each other and run together. Running as a team made me more motivated as I had my friends by my side encouraging me to keep going. We gave our best and came in first among the other classes! The friendship and bond built amongst us were priceless!

Chang Che Eun – Primary 6
I thought it was going to be really fun and I had the chance to represent my class for the run. My main learning is that I cannot sprint in a long distance run as I would get tired out easily. Instead, I must run at a steady pace and keep going, step by step and not stop, until I finish the run. I was excited by the idea to run as a team as we can motivate and help each other along the way. It was a fun and exciting experience. We should have more Cross Country runs.

Shanjith Parnov – Primary 6
I love challenges and I love sports so I decided to take part in the Cross Country run. To complete the race, my PE teacher taught us how to train our stamina and also special breathing techniques to prevent pain in our stomachs. After running for a while, I felt tired and thirsty, but my team mates urged me on. I kept running and did not give up. The part I loved most was when my team ran across the finish line, with all our classmates cheering for us. I could hear them calling our names. I feel that I have showed Resilience as I kept running with my team and we ended up finishing with a good timing. 

Maximus Lim – Primary 6
I joined the Cross Country run as I wanted to experience what it was like to run a marathon although it was not really one. I also thought that it was a chance for me to strengthen the bonds between my friends and I as we were running as a team. We learnt the importance of conserving our energy by running at a normal but constant speed. Running as a team meant we must leave no men behind so it would not be easy. Our classmates cheering for us kept us going. I had a really fun time and I hope to do it again.