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The future for our children will not be like ours. It will be more dynamic and complex. And certainly more uncertain and unpredictable. A child who scores As and A*s in all his/her exams may not necessarily be guaranteed a successful future anymore. Thus it is important for us to focus on the all-round development of our children, and equip them with the skills, attitudes and values to be ready for the future.

In Lianhua, we believe that each child is unique with their own personality and talents. Through providing a quality school experience, we hope to bring out the best in every child. 

To develop each child holistically, we focus on 4 key domains of student well-being, physical, intellectual, social-moral and emotional and appreciation for the aesthetics. 

In the intellectual domain, we focus on nurturing our students to have a mind of inquiry. Students should develop a sense of curiosity of the things around them, and to be able to question and reflect on what they have learnt. We hope that students will find joy in learning.