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School Policies

  1. Examinations Policy
Absent from Examinations
There will be no make-up for examinations missed.

A medical certificate from a doctor must be produced for the marks to be adjusted accordingly.

Students will take the paper when he/she returns to school. However, the marks will not be taken into consideration in the computation of results. Feedback will be given on the performance.

  1. Homework Policy

Please encourage and advise your child / ward to complete school homework first before doing other work.

Purpose of Homework

  • Practise what is learnt
  • Acquire knowledge prior to lesson
  • Assess what students have learnt

Considerations for Assigning Homework

  • Time spent in school (longer school days --> less homework)
  • Public holiday --> minimal homework to allow for more family time
  • Level of difficulty (more difficult --> less quantity

Guidelines for Assigning Homework

P1 & P2 P3 & P4 P5 & P6
0.5h to 1h 1h to 1.5h 1.5h to 2h
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