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School Safety

  1. Emergency Evacuation Plan

In times of crisis, your safety is our prime concern. All classes would have to be evacuated in the shortest time possible to an area of safety. Your teachers would be assuming other duties once your classes are safely evacuated.

You can help by familiarizing yourself with the designated evacuation route and taking part in our school evacuation drill seriously. Disruptive behaviour during the drill or initiating fire alarm without cause will result in server disciplinary action.

Once the evacuation alarm goes off
  • Stop all activities and keep quiet.
  • Do not panic.
  • Listen and pay attention to the announcement.
  • Switch off all electrical fittings in the classroom.
  • Line up in 2 lines outside the classroom. Do not take anything with you.
  • Close the classroom doors.

During evacuation
  • Proceed quickly to the assembly area in an orderly manner using the designated evacuation route.
  • Do not attempt anything that will endanger your life, for example putting out the fire.
  • Do not take the lift. Use the stairs.
  • Do not run back to your classroom to look for your missing classmates.

At the assembly area
  • Wait quietly for your teacher to take attendance.
  • Do not try to look for your classmates if you discover any of them missing.
  • Inform the teachers around if you notice that your classmate is not with you.
  • Listen and pay attention to any instructions given by the teachers.
  • Follow all instructions given.

  1. Student Safety & Well-being

After School Activities
Parents/Guardians will be informed of their children’s after school activities via our online communication channels. Parental consent is required for students to stay in school for lesson after school hours or for school outings. Hardcopy of notifications will be given only to parents/guardians who have made prior arrangements with the school.

Visiting the School
Parents/Guardians who wish to come into the school to visit teachers or their children are to obtain a pass from the security guard before they proceed to the general office for further assistance. Students will meet their parents in the general office.

Allocated time for visiting:
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7.30am to 9.30am; 11.00m to 12.30pm and
                                          2.30pm to 5.30pm

Cars Entering School Premises

Dropping off in the Morning
Cars are allowed to come into the school compound to drop off the children in the morning before 7.30am. They should leave immediately and no parking/waiting is allowed.

Picking Up after School
1st pick up at 1.30pm
For the safety of our students, only school buses are allowed into the school between 1.30pm to 1.45pm. Parents may park their cars at the HDB carpark opposite the school.
2nd pick up at 4.00pm
Parents may drive into the school to pick up their children from the front porch. They school leave immediately as no parking or waiting is allowed.
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