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Chapter 3

Lianhua Primary School eOpen House 2022

Every Lianhuarean, A Superhero

Chapter 3: Hearts of Service

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"My greatest power is the ability to serve"  - Sensible Su Mei

Superheroes do not always wear capes. Among us are many Lianhuareans who have served others and the community with humility and purpose to make a difference in lives. They dedicated time and energy selflessly to help those in need. By nurturing our students to be caring and compassionate towards others, our students learn that regardless of their circumstances, they can do their part to make a difference to the people around them.

Everyday Superheroes

At Lianhua Primary, voluntarism is a way of life. Students have ample opportunities to be a blessing to our community. Find out more about how our students dedicated their time and energy selflessly to help those in need:


Through programmes such as the Project SMILE and Class Leadership, Lianhuareans give back to the community in their own ways. Read on to find out more!

Project SMILE

Project SMILE is a project where Lianhua Primary School partners with many agencies with the aim of bringing smiles to people who are facing difficult situations. Working in partnership with Hao Ren Hao Shi and the Bukit Gombak Hillgrove Residents’ Committee, the school staff and students pack and distribute grocery packs to vulnerable families of the school and the community.

Read more about Project SMILE here: 


Inspired by Project SMILE…

Inspired by Project SMILE, Shakthi Saravanan from Primary 2 Excellence started a ‘Care and Share’ corner to help others in need. Using $400 from her savings, Shakthi, together with her mother, Mdm Jmaleni Saravanan, bought essential items and set up a corner with the donated items at her block from June 1 to June 30 2021. Her parents and Project Smile stepped in to contribute even more items to the corner. This act of service by a young P2 student further inspired other residents in the neighbourhood to make their own contributions to the corner. Hence, the corner was kept well-stocked during the period of time.

Watch this video for the interview with Shakthi:


P1 Class Leaders Exemplify Hearts of Service

At Lianhua Primary School, we believe that every child has the potential to become a leader and help others. No role is too small and insignificant to bring about a change. One of the ways to nurture Lianhuareans to be a leader and serve others begin with being a class leader.

In this interview, find out how three of our P1 Class Leaders, Deion Ong, Nurin Irdina and Shri Krishna,  have helped others in their own ways: